kajal says panditji one minute before marriage dates are announced i would like to talk to raunak sir, raunak says what is it kajal, kajal says sir, janki says kajal i understand akshay is ur husband and u want raunak to allow him in wedding functions, plz understand kajal dont bring the past back here, we are going to go for a new beginning come with me i will explain u everything and takes kajal to her room and closes the door.
kajal walks to wadrobe and opens it and says aunty remember this u bought this for ur daughter in law right, but 5 yrs and still u have no one to wear it yet and will never get one because u have filled raunak sirs heart with hatred, janki says enough, kajal says right enough and now its time to turn negativity to positivity and now u will convince raunak sir to allow akhay in all functions, janki says how dareu order me and why will i listen to u, kajal says here u go and shows a video to janki confessing abt kajal and akshay, kajal says aunty 5 yrs back u made a video and akshay had to pay for it, this time its me and u will have to pay for it and yes if akshay isnt allowed there wouldnt be any wedding and i am sending rauna sir here, kajal opens door and kamini falls in, kajal helps her get up and says u shd ask god for forgiveness and not me and leaves.

akshay says kajal i dont know what to do, kajal says relax akshay,janki aunty will do as i say now. raunak goes to jankis room, kajal says akshay this video will not be shown to raunak sir he will be broken but the truth has to come out and i need ur help.
raunak says ma what is it, kamini comes janki,janki says dont u understand i want to talk to him in private leave, kamini says sorry and leaves, raunak says ma u look so tensed what is it, janki thinks how will i tell him the akshay he hates the most in life i have to let him in back into this house.
kamini and munmun dash into eachother,munmun says ma whats wrong where are u lost, kamini says nothing i am going to burst in tension, if raunak gets to know that i and janki threw kajal out of his life, he will forgive his mom but not us, munmun says ma relax, janki aunty will manage she will never let anyone win over her.
akshay says kajal u are right raunak will break and i can bear his anger but not see him in pain, kajal says i am so proud of u and now come with me, its ur right to be a part of vinays wedding decisions and no one can snatch it come lets go and holds akshays hand and takes him in. owner scolds everyone to prepare sweets properly they are to be delivered to Janki Devis place, Kajal comes there n says papa stop shouting n have medicine n don’t get tensed n all what matters More than work is ur health, papa says actually it’s Raunak sirs bday n u know his mom is so strict n we have to be careful as u know Janki Devi loves Raunak sir a lot.

Janki sees dishes n asks Raunak was Akshay in ur room yesterday, Kajal is busy counting, papa says Kajal go drop Vinay, Kajal says no papa u go today, papa says u know Kajal we are Janki Devis loan n Janki Devi on raunaks bday cancels one persons loan n may be this time we get lucky.
Janki asks Munshiji are all arrangements done, munshi says yes mam. Janki gets ready for party n comes down n looks at all arrangements n welcomes raunaks friend, Kamini comes with a huge gift, janki says why are u so late, Kamini says was searching for best gift for Raunak n munmun would come later, Janki says ok, Raunak joins them, Kamini says here is ur gift, Raunak says thanku aunty, Janki says let’s begin with Pooja, Janki says one minute ma n walks to Munshi n takes his blessings, kamini says why is he taking an servants blessings, Janki says Munshi has been for Raunak since childhood n so Raunak respects him but he will always be our servant.
Akshay says Kajal imagine that guy must be so lucky to have u, what says Raunak, Raunak waves to Kajal, Kajal walks to him n wishes him happy bday, Akshay starts laughing, Kajal says what’s wrong with u n says I got work will see u guys later n leaves.Raunak says Akshay I will tell Kajal today abt my feelings, Akshay says go ahead. Raunak walks to Janki n at same time Kajal does.

janki says u are a new player kajal, kajal says this isnt a game for me its a proof of my husbands innocense n how u played with him n now next is u have to promise u wont be a barrier for me in getting akshay n raunak closer, janki smiles n says kajal good but this is my house n with lot of efforts i built this house n u will take ruanaks life decision, kajal says i am just bringing two friends back close, janki says drama looks good on screen n not in real life n u dont want akshay n raunak but u want to get back in my sons life for his wealth, kajal says aunty plz i am just doing it for raunak sirs good i am quite because u are elder to me n if u dnt stop all this, the video soon will be with raunak sir, kamini hearing all through door n says good i am still in toruble.

kajal walk to akshay, n says remembering old days right, akshay says yes me n raunak used code languages to do all mischiefs, kajal says u know akshay u n raunak sir will be back togther , akshay says i trust u kajal n lets see what happend,i tried talking to raunak n i have seen him he is fond of sakshi may be he will talk meme too, kajal says my moto is not to take janki aunty away from raunak sir but to tell her love isnt bad , akshay says kajal u in my life the best decision i made, kajal says good now have this tea, akshay smiles n says ok n says kajal u always stood for me n i miss my friend a lot, kajal says even raunak sir must be missing u n i will try my best to get u two friends back togther, akshay hugs her, raunak sees them together.

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda anagoo mar walba ka tix raacna dalabka dhanka uu u badan yahay, Musalsalkan la magac baxay  XARIGGI JACAYLKA waxaad mar walbo kala socon kartaa webka Fanproj qeybtiisa musalsalada ee www.fanprojseries.com




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