Swadheenta says sangeet is starting in 15mins, come to lose, stand away to stare. The flowers fall over her. Adarsh looks at her. they see each other. Adarsh smiles and gets close. He comes out of his imagination and asks where to stand when we have to win. She says in dream, as you can just win in dream. He says I have a bad habit to fulfill my dreams. She says I have a habit to show mirror to people who dream. He says superb, the one who lose today will not get dinner. His friends eat quickly. She says I was told that guy is IAS and his friends will be bureaucrats too, anyways what dance will you do, Bharatnatyam. He asks her not to worry about dinner, and be ready to dance on any song. She agrees and goes. She continues to practice. He smiles seeing her. His friend says your camera has defect, power is not getting off.

Adarsh’s parents come to Iyers and greet them. Adarsh’s brother and sister in law come. Iyer’s daughter Shraddha comes and Adarsh’s mom Suhasini compliments her. A lady asks Suhasini about her third bahu. Suhasini says educated, from good family, I will find her. The lady says Shraddha’s friends have come, maybe you will get your third bahu here.

Swadheenta dances on Banno tera swagger….. Everyone clap. Adarsh comes on stage and dances on Aisi kya chali hawa……… tu meri….. Adarsh and Swadheenta dance on Mast kalandar song. Everyone dance along.
Suhasini gets disappointed seeing one of her bahus dancing badly. A guy falls down during dance and Swadheenta holds him. He says sorry Di, I m in love. she says stop it, we lost because of you, run and start scooty. Adarsh smiles and congratulates Akshay and Shraddha. He asks the guests who are winners, guys team or girls? He looks at Swadheenta. She leaves from there.

She waits for her brother and collides with Adarsh. He asks are you finding me, its just food counter and me here, you won’t get food. He says you are mistaken, I don’t have tension, my brother won’t let me sleep hungry. He says basically, you want to tell me that guy is your brother, I m not just insecure. He gives her phone. She thanks him. He introduces himself as Adarsh Sinha. She says Swadheenta Ramakrishnan. He says I will save your name and number, even you can do that. Her brother comes. Adarsh asks her to go, her brother is calling. She smiles and leaves. Adarsh smiles and says Swadheenta, freedom, from whom will she free me, time will show, but interesting.

Sinha family comes home. Suhasini asks her bahu what was happening on stage. Her son says it was sangeet so… She asks will we lose values by situation, we got embarrassed. She asks her bahu did she not care where her saree is flowing. Her other bahu apologizes on behalf of all of them. Suhasini says alright. They all leave.

Suhasini’s bahu Simmi gets angry in room and throws her jewelry. She says my pallu fell, its not my mistake, and scolds her husband Abhay for not taking her side. Abhay says mom said we should not get embarrassed, it was sangeet, everyone was dancing and enjoying. We are young and love each other, what if we dance together. She asks did you feel shame to dance with me. He says no, and dances with her. She gets annoyed and says I don’t dance without song. He says fine, this singer is ready for you. He sings and they dance.

Another couple discusses about Abhay and Simmi, who call their togetherness love. she asks why did you not refuse to me at proposal time. He says I could not say, it happens sometimes, its okay, atleast mom is happy with our marriage, our happiness do not matter. I hope Adarsh does not have to pay for Abhay’s stupidity.

Swadheenta and her brother are at the food stall. She sees some men there. Her brother says freedom, don’t worry, I m enough for them, you have chilli powder packet with you right. She says yes. He asks about small knife, does she have. She says yes. He says food, I will see them. The men stare at her and leave.

Adarsh gives green tea to Suhasini. She says you look excited today. He says Akshay is my friend and it was his sangeet today. She says just that, I felt… He says people would be asking for my marriage. She says yes. He says we both will find the girl. She says whoever gets the girl first will inform other. He says deal. She goes to sleep. The men stop Swadheenta and her brother on the way. Her brother searches for chilli powder and knife in her purse. She says its there. He says its not there, call police fast. She calls Adarsh instead. Adarsh says you remembered me so soon. She says hi baby, did you sleep. Her brother says you had a baby and did not tell me. The goons get her brother. She tells Adarsh that few goons have caught her. Adarsh gets shocked and runs, saying tell them that Adarsh Sinha is in home ministry. She tells same to the goons. Adarsh asks the goons’ car number. She sees the number and tells Adarsh.

The goon snatches phone and talks to Adarsh. Adarsh gets his details by his car details and says if I can get your info in one min, think what I can do. Goon says Sir, we are just talking. Adarsh asks him to leave before he reaches there. Goon says sorry, we were just asking time from Didi. Adarsh says give phone to your Didi and leave from there. The goon apologizes to Swadheenta and her brother. He asks other goons to just leave fast. Swadheenta talks to Adarsh. Adarsh jokes on her age.

She says I called you by mistake. He says best love stories start by mistake. She says there is no love and no story here. Her brother says I told you about my girlfriends and you cheated me, you did not tell me. She says no, I just said like that, I met Adarsh two hours ago in sangeet. Adarsh reaches there and sees her. Her brother says chilli powder and everything ate here. He sees Adarsh and says one more goon. He puts chilli powder in Adarsh’s eyes and goes away with Swadheenta on the scooty. Adarsh cleans his eyes and sees her. They look at each other. He thinks its strange moment, eyes are tearing but heart is happy, face has chilli but there are laddoos in heart, story has substance, love will happen, I bet.

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda, Musalsalkan la magac baxay  RIYADA NOLOSHA  Waxaa idiinku  tala galeen daawashadiisa ASAL24 TV waxaana idiin fududeeyay Fanproj Media Productions qeybtiisa musalsalada ee www.fanprojseries.com



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