Mohini and her family will get homeless, sorry Mohini I will talk you after arranging money. Mohini thinks where is he. Ayaan thinks there is just one way and comes home. His mum gets glad seeing him and hugs. His dad comes and says you came back, I knew your choreography will get away, I think life made you dance well.
Kamini gives her jewelry and says we will throw money on Manikchand’s face. Ragini and Mohini refuse. Mohini says I trust Ayaan, we won’t sell money. Kamini says don’t deny this, he won’t help you, sell this jewelry and end the loan. Madhav’s letter falls down. Kamini gets shocked. Ragini thinks if Mohini reads Madhav’s letter, it will be bad.
Madhav gets ready and tells Rajmata that he is going airport to pick Madhavi. She says you smiled after long time, welcome her with her fav flowers. Madhav goes. Mohini asks what’s this. Kamini says nothing and picks the letter. She says its jewelry receipt. Ayaan gets the cheque and throws on Manikchand.

Mili asks Kamini to smile. Kamini hugs them and says love you. She gets Madhav’s call and says I have to take a flight. She goes. Anu says this is her strength, she does not care her enemy is so powerful.
Her mum makes Kamini wear her locket. Kamini says you never remove this. Her mum says this will protect you. Kamini kisses the Lord idol locket and hugs her mum. She goes. Suyyash asks the assistant how did Kamini come on front page, when she has insulted him, Kamini is famous by our publicity, she will come to us to apologize. He says call all producers and tell them if they cast Kamini, we will not publicize her, think how you can ruin her life, make her mad. The lady goes. CEO comes to meet. Suyyash says cancel star of the year award, do as I say.
She asks will you send me alone, I came here to meet you. He asks her to come inside and talk. She says I will leave for airport. He asks her to listen. He says I want to tell everything to mum, I don’t want anyone to tell her. She asks how long shall I accept this excuse. He says mum is in London, she will be coming. She says if she does not agree, I don’t belong to any royal family, I m a film actress. She goes. He runs after her. She gets worried. He says mum never said no to me, she can do anything for my happiness, everyone can see love for you in my eyes, since I met you, I think how did I spend the time when you were not there, I won’t stop you if you want to go, as you are right in your place, but I know my decision is right, we both are right, the people see me as my dad, I have a duty towards them, I can’t run from my responsibilities, if you don’t agree, I won’t stop you, hearts maybe close, but the distance between our worlds maybe much bigger. He kisses her hands and gets away. She cries.Ayaan’s dad launches the channel Vibe. He says the future of Mehta industries Ayaan is here, he will be the chairman of the channel. Madhavi messages Ayaan. Madhav gets Madhavi home. Madhavi hugs Madhav and Rajmata. Rajmata welcomes her. Madhav says your mum… Madhavi says she had to go in imp meeting, its same story always. She likes the room and says everything is same like before, you do a lot for me.

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda anagoo mar walba ka tix raacna dalabka dhanka uu u badan yahay, Musalsalkan la magac baxay RAJADII JACEYLKA waxaad mar walbo kala socon kartaa webka Fanproj qeybtiisa musalsalada ee



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