Bahar lets levent out, he asks if Elif talked about her boyfriend, bahar replies he is just police working with her to find diamonds. Zerrin asks nilofer if she is fine in her bathroom, to wich she replies she is fine. Elif takes the bag from the finance guy at Denizer Holding (the money metin gave her). She tells him it was a loan and she has to return it back. Metin calls Elif and her saying ‘he will see her tomorrow.’  He threatens her there is no way she can escape him now. Metin asks the receptionist whether anyone came to visit him, the receptionist replies negative. On the way to his room, Omer Demir sees him leaning on  the wall and offers to help him to the room. (hilarious scene the expressions of emtin are priceless). Omer insists and carries him to his room like a good Samaritan. Metin extracts information about the omers visit and learns about his brothers room number etc then excuses himself once he lies on his bed. Omer meets his brother who senses something is bothering him. He asks him about developments on the case but Omer says nothing much happened.

Asli sees Elif transferring money from the bad into the locker in the office in her house, but hides before Elif could see her, she later enters the room and taunts her for people abandoning them in their time of need. Omer and Elif remember their past memories together. Elif is hopefull while omer is sad.Arda questions Metins men but they do not answer at all which frustrates him, The chief asks him fi the men spoke but arda replies their lips are sealed. Omer receives a message from Arda in the morning informing him about metin’s men not complying with the law (they are not telling about metin etc ). Omer opens Elifs number on his cell and looks at it but closes it as he can not make himself call her. Elif wakes up in the morning and is disappointed to have not received any message or call from omer.The chief questions Huseyin whether Sitki kocan who was murdered was related to nilufers kidnapping and metin, omer says ‘t seems so’ Chief warns him to shutup. He warns him and huseyin if they ever work alone without informing thier seniors he will fire them.

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda anagoo mar walba ka tix raacna dalabka dhanka uu u badan yahay ayaa waxaa idin soo wadnaa Musalsal cusub oo Turki ah lana magac baxay QARASH & QIIMO JACEYL kaasoo hogaamiye ka ah xiddigaha laga daba dhacay dhanka jiliinka musalsalada turkiga ah.

Musalsalkan Qarash & Qiimo Jaceyl waxaad ka daawan kartaa.




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