Shorvori and says this is divorce papers, sign them and leave my son’s life. Shovori says you are mother, you can ask my life but i cant give up my life.Parth says to Dada that apply tikka to forehead once, he sits on his knees pleading, Dada says you dont need my blessings, your wife’s love is enough for your living, he closes door on his face.

Dr. Jalpa (Aunt) is going to sit in Ferris wheel but Urvashi(aunt) says you a becoming mother after 20years of wedding, she shouldnt sit in it, Jalpa says i would sit in it for sure, Bharat says nothing will happen, he offers Urvashi to sit in wheel, Urvashi says i am widow so i wont sit, i dont have couple, Bharat says so keep pot moving so nobody is able to hit it, Jalpa says Sejal will sit in place of her mother(Urvashi). All couples sit in wheel. Bharat asks where is Parth’s wife? call her. Dadaji tries to avoid question but says leave her, she will come later, Dadaji starts singing bhajan,

he forgets some lines but Shorvori enters there and continues bhajan, she greets everyone, Dadaji and Ambika (Parth’s grandmother) is not happy to see her, Parth smiles seeing her, Suyog (Parth’s cousin brother) is happy to see her, Shorvori ends bhajan, Bharat says you sing so well, Bharat says her couple with Parth is so good, no girl is her competition in Gujrat, Urvashi says she is from Bengal so her magic would work, thats why she is Bhanushali family’s daughter in law, look at her jewelry, she has glamed up so much that she doesnt look like part of family, you should be in mandir, what are you doing here? Bharat says love marriage is so good, it brings people from all around together, lets sit in wheel.

All couple sit in wheel and tries to hit pot with slingshot, Parth hits it and breaks it, all cheer for him. Bharat says to Parth that you shot so well, Ramnik Bhanushali (Parth’s father) says he is my son after all, Urvashi says he has done antics like this before, he is old player is fooling us, Parth feels odd hearing her taunts, Dadaji is giving parsad to everyone, he comes to Parth, he says i have to check mandir, he doesnt give parsad to Parth and leaves, Urvashi gives him parsad. Bharat says to Dadaji that you have such big business, i keep telling you to expand business but you say that we should have time for family then why you are sending Parth to USA? are you miffed with him? Dadaji says change is needed, its competition time, we have to expand business, Parth is mature,

he can take his life decision so h can go to America, Jalpa gets call and says i will come, she ends call, she says to Dada that i got call from hospital, its emergency so i have to leave, Bharat says i am doctor too so i will leave with her, Urvashi thinks that Dada’s daughter(urvashi) and his son in law left so no pretending now, Dada says guests have left so we should leave to our home too. Dada taes Parth and Shorvori’s picture and throws it away angrily, Parth is shocked and hurt, all family members leave. Parth is hurt and in tears. Shorvori puts hand on his shoulder and gives him comforting smile but is sad herself. All family members are in house, Shorvori and Parth enters there, all avoid them while doing pooja, Shorvori takes jhulla of Bal gopal and leaves with Parth to her room.

Parth is packing his luggage, Shorvori brings sindoor and says only work is remaining before you leave. Parth remembers flashback. Parth applies tikka to dada, Parth says i will ask my wish first, Dada says we will ask wishes at sametime, Ambika says i will say my words first, all family members are dancing, Dada says i have chosen girl for Parth, Parth says at exact time that i have chosen girl for me, he opens door and Shorvori is standing there, Parth holds her hand and brings her in house, all are angrily looking at him but Parth is just smiling at Shorvori,

he sees Dada angry, Urvashi says all destroyed, Parth you chose a bengali girl? a servant? Dada asks what drama is this? Parth says i love her and i have promised to be with her for life, Dada says one wrong person can destroy beauty of family, the girl who takes salary from us every month, we cant give her shagun, she eats non-veg food so we can allow her in this house, Parth says you dont know her well,

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda, Musalsalkan la magac baxay  QALBIYADII MIDOOBAY  Waxaa idiinku  tala galeen daawashadiisa ASAL24 TV waxaana idiin fududeeyay Fanproj Media Productions qeybtiisa musalsalada ee



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