The Episode starts He says you can come any time, I have special commitment else I would have taken you, I take my daughter for cycling and spend time, I try best to keep promise. She says well then you have to prove it, you promised you will come in Saloni’s marriage. His mom comes and stops him. She gets the haldi and signs him. She says he forgot mehendi in car. She blesses them. Anant sees Ahana near the pond. He says today so early, is everything fine. Laila says Anant should be on top in guest list, there should be no complaint from his side. Ahana says mehendi got over at home, so I came here. He asks how is Saloni. She says she is very happy,

Tarun loves her a lot, he cares for her, seeing their love, I also like to believe in life. Laila tells her friend that love ends soon, security matters, it comes by money, Anant has this, I want this to always stay. He says I have to get you married soon. She says I won’t marry. He asks what do you mean, I can’t tolerate you more. She says Papa….. He says I love you so much. They reach home. He says your mum was going Pune, how is her car here, stay here, I will see. He goes to check. Ahana sees a man hurriedly leaving from the house. FB ends. Ahana wakes up. She sees her dad’s pic.

She says 9 years, people don’t take 9 days to forget someone, you kept your wife’s memories for 9 years. He says Ahana, your dad kept your name, you don’t know me, I m Anant Mathur, I m your dad’s friend, we used to play golf together. She says you came home on my dad’s Chowtha, I remember now, glad to meet you. He says me too….. She says its said person’s pain has to be known to know a person, today pain has met a pain, this pain will make us meet. He says I hope so. She says I will go. He says you go, I will follow. She says I go alone. He says I m not there always, please I insist. She thanks him. Their diyas get together in the waters. Ahana reaches home. He waves her and goes. Laila looks on.

Laila’s friend says you will be alone after your daughters get married off, you still look good, find someone for yourself. Laila says I have found one. Ahana tells Saloni about Anant, he is a very nice man. Saloni says he is Rehaan’s uncle. Ahana says its good you left that idiot. Saloni says Rehaan left me, he was never serious, I m lucky to get Tarun in my life. Laila tells her friend about some designer asking for money. Her friend leaves. Laila asks Saloni to get guest list from Tarun’s family. Ahana argues. Laila scolds her. Saloni says Anant Mathur dropped her. Laila smiles and asks did Anant come home, what will he tell me, how I raised my daughters. Ahana says I m Rahul’s daughter, not Laila’s. She goes. Anant is at the signal. He buys the magazine, which has Ahana’s pic at the front cover.

Ahana comes to Saloni and asks did Tarun send the flowers. Saloni says Rehaan has sent this, why is he doing this when he knows I m getting married, he likes torturing me, what if Tarun knows this. Ahana says relax, I will manage. She goes to Anant’s house to meet Rehaan. She throws flowers at him and scolds him. She warns Rehaan against calling her sister again. She leaves. She goes to take a taxi. Rehaan comes and says sit in the car, I will drop you home, come on, I m better than the taxi driver. She says you think so. Anant comes. She asks Anant to drop her home. He asks her to come. She leaves with Anant. Rehaan smiles seeing her. Her bracelet falls in his car.

Roshni asks Yamini about Anant. She goes to see him. She sees the wood carving and says dad is making my wood carving. She smiles. Ahana asks what’s this. He says its my madness, wood carving. She says its interesting, I will come some day to see it. He says you can come any time, I have special commitment else I would have taken you, I take my daughter for cycling and spend time, I try best to keep promise. She says well then you have to prove it, you promised you will come in Saloni’s marriage. He says yes, its time to keep friendship as pain has met pain. Karan cleans Roshni’s cycle. She thanks him. She asks about Anant. She asks him to call Anant as uncle, not boss.

Ahana compliments Saloni. Laila says Gupta didn’t say about guests. Ahana says don’t stress Saloni. She gets Tarun’s call. He says don’t tell anyone its my call, I have to meet you urgently. She asks do you want to plan surprise for Saloni. He says just come, its a request. She agrees. He thanks her. She tells Saloni she will just come. Laila argues. Ahana leaves.
Roshni asks Anant to go, she is sure. Servants talk of Roshni. Yamini comes. She says Anant is going in marriage, he won’t have dinner today. She taunts the servant and goes. Maid says it will be good that Anant stays away from Laila, she is not a good woman.
Ahana comes home and applies haldi to Saloni. laila’s friends ask her to prepare for Ahana’s marriage as well. Ahana takes Saloni with her. Saloni asks her to click photo to send Tarun. Ahana says later, listen, I went to meet Tarun, Gupta wants you to sign prenup agreement, you won’t get any money from them.

Saloni says why will you do this, mom shouldn’t know this. Laila sees Tarun’s call on Ahana’s phone. She gets the papers in Ahana’s bag. She gets angry. Saloni says I love Tarun, not his money. Ahana says its about Laila, not you. Saloni says give me the papers, I will sign. Laila comes and says you won’t sign any agreement, you won’t take rounds, I decided this marriage won’t happen.

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda, Musalsalkan la magac baxay  QALBIGA XAKAMEEY  Waxaa idiinku  tala galeen daawashadiisa ASAL24 TV waxaana idiin fududeeyay Fanproj Media Productions qeybtiisa musalsalada ee



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