Shikha wakes up from coma calling Sameer’s name. Inspector speaks to doctor that it is a miracle that she woke up. He asks if he can meet her. Doctor takes inspector to Shikha’s room. They enter her room, and Shikha is seen removing IV lines and all the bandages from her. Doctor and nurses go and stop her and ask her not to do that. Shikha says she wants to go to Manav and starts crying. Inspector asks who is Manav. She tells Manav is her son and requests inspector to let her go. She does not know how is Manav. Inspector asks her not to worry and asks her to tell what happened that day. He asks her name. She says Shikha. He insists her to tell what happened that day. She says her husband tried to kill her and tell them the story about panchani resort and Sameer trying to kill her. She says when she tried to escape, he took Manav from her and pushed her from the cliff. She is worried about Manav, if Sameer does anything to him and asks inspector to let her go. Inspector asks her husband’s name. She says Sameer Verma.

Vineet comes running and tells Avinash that some news is coming and to accompany him. They go and see the news. It is the news about Shikha, how Sameer tried to kill her. Everybody gets shocked and start crying hearing the news.

News reader further reads the story how Sameer pushed Shikha from cliff. Avinash and his family start crying inconsolably. Inspector asks constable to go and check the resort. He comes to Shikha and gives her his phone and asks her to speak to her family. Mayakka also asks her to speak and tells family should be nearby in these tough times. Shikha calls Avinash’s phone. Mahi goes and picks the call and speaks to Shikha. Sudha comes and picks the phone from Mahi and asks if she is alright. Shikha calls her mummy and asks her to come and take her fast. Shikha gives phone back to inspector. Mayakka consoles her. Inspector gets a call from constable. He speaks to him shockingly and asks him to check the booking details 2-3 times. He informs Shikha that cottage is burnt now. She asks about Manav. He says he does not have information about Manav. Police is searching. As soon as they find any information, they will inform her. Shikha insists to go with inspector. Mayakka asks her to take rest and let police do their work.

Shikha thanks Mayakka and doctor for saving her, but she wants to see Manav as she does not how he would be. Mayakka permits her to go. Police and Shikha reach jungle Shikha ran to escape from Sameer. They find a suspicious spot. Inspector asks Shikha to go and sit in a van and asks constable to dug the land. They find Manav’s milk bottle, his toys, and his clothes. Shikha cries seeing them. Inspector asks if those items were of Manav. She says yes. Inspector says it is good that they are just Manav’s items. He is safe with your husband. Shikha asks inspector not to call Sameer his husband and cries profusely. Inspector tries to console her saying nothing will happen to Manav.

Shikha sees god’s state and goes towards it. She complains god that she always prayed to keep her family safe, but why did her husband betray her. She has forgotten her relationship now. Sameer is not a human, he is an evil animal. He betrayed me, but he could not break my courage. She then says I will bring Manav at any cost. I will punish Sameer and won’t let him go easily. I wlll fight and give me strength.

Shikha reaches police station with inspector. Inspector says he doesn’t think Sameer is in panchgani, he would have left somewhere else. He asks his number. She says her phone is with Sameer, but must he having his pics in her parent’s home in Nasik. Inspector asks her to call Sameer’s parents. She calls, but their number is not reachable. Inspector asks for their Raipur’s address. She gives him their Raipur’s address. He asks if Sameer had some friends in mumbai. She says no. He asks her to remember someone when she went to parties or gatherings. She says no, Sameer didnt let her meet someone. He even didn’t allow her to meet their neighbors saying in mumbai they should not befriend anyone. She believe him. Inspector asks his office address. She gives it. Inspector says he will find it out. Avinash and his family come to police station and Sudha calls her. Shikha sees her and starts crying.

Aishwarya Sakhuja as Shikha Avinash Gupta/Samaira Seth
Vikas Manaktala as Sameer Verma/ Aditya Jagannath
Avinesh Rekhi as Neeraj Sachdeva
Bhuvan Chopra as Avinash Gupta
Rajlaxmi Solanki as Sudha Avinash Gupta
Pulkit Bangia as Vineet Avinash Gupta
Nigaar Khan as Madhurima Aditya Jagannath
Papiya Sengupta as Sunaina Mahanto Jagannath
Anang Desai as Mahanto Jagannath
Atul Kinagi as Jai Mahanto Jagannath
Garima Jain as Arya Mahanto Jagannath



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