Sameer comes and greets Shikha’s papa and touches his feet. Sameer says he spoke to Shikha via a matrominal website and she had asked them to come today. Shikha’s papa calls Shikha and asks if you have asked them to meet you regarding alliance. Shikha is shocked and says she did not give any advertisement and they is some minunderstanding. Sameer says if you were not interested, then why did u call my parents here. Sameer says he spoke to her daily and even exchanged numbers. He says all details about Shikha. She is astonished. He says you called us to come on Sunday. Shikha says information is correct, but I didn’t open account on any website. Sameer insists to show it on laptop. Shikha’s family is shocked to see Shikha’s profile on the website.

Sameer even shows their chat conversations. Shikha says some impersonator is chatting with him, it is a fake account. Sameer is shocked. He says he got an IT company, even then someone fooled him. He asks Shikha if she is not lying as he spent much time and emotion with her on net. Shikha swears she did not create that account. Sameer’s parents say they showed him many girls, but he did not like anyone. Mahi serves water to Sameer’s parents and asks about Sameer. Shikha’s mom scolds her, but Sameer’s father says its ok and says Sameer is a self-made man, he has an IT company, he pays salary to many people. Sameer’s mom asks to think about it as she likes Shikha very much. Shikha’s papa says Shikha does not want to marry right now and is focusing on her career. Sameer interrupts and says sorry to Shikha’s papa for whatever happened. He and his parents leave. Sameer praises Shikha for thinking about her career and prays for her to get a good partner whenever she marries before leaving. While walking, Sameer’s mom says she liked Shikha very much. His father says he told all his friends about this alliance.

Shikha’s papa is very upset about this. Shikha says Vineet to delete the account, but he could not. His papa calls, but customer care is closed as it is Sunday. Shikha says her papa not to worry and they will go and check at tomorrow. Shikha’s mom says to inform her about the car incident to her papa.

Shikha says a car is following her since 2 days. He scolds them to inform them so late. Her mom says he even came till our house. Shikha’s papa and Vineet go to police station. He speaks to inspector about the car and account. Inspector asks constable to take his complaint.

Shikha is thinking about whatever happened today. She gets her boss’s mail. She sees her poem in that mail.

Mahi comes and asks Shikha why she is tensed even now and offers chocolate. She praises Sameer and says their pair look very cute. She shows their pic which she clicked. Shikha sees the pic, and Sameer looks at the online account on the other side. Mahi says Sameer is mad about you.

Aishwarya Sakhuja as Shikha Avinash Gupta/Samaira Seth
Vikas Manaktala as Sameer Verma/ Aditya Jagannath
Avinesh Rekhi as Neeraj Sachdeva
Bhuvan Chopra as Avinash Gupta
Rajlaxmi Solanki as Sudha Avinash Gupta
Pulkit Bangia as Vineet Avinash Gupta
Nigaar Khan as Madhurima Aditya Jagannath
Papiya Sengupta as Sunaina Mahanto Jagannath
Anang Desai as Mahanto Jagannath
Atul Kinagi as Jai Mahanto Jagannath
Garima Jain as Arya Mahanto Jagannath




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