The Episode starts with Khurana saying I lost today and hugs Naina. Naina thinks when I see you helpless, the pain of your touch is nothing in front of this happiness. She says its okay, you are not alone. She thinks he is foolish to find peace with me, my heart is getting peace seeing him cry, our marriage was fake, but I have taken vows around fire, it was true, you got alone, my Raghav also got broken. She recalls Raghav and thinks you can save some tears, you will use it in future, I will bring a storm till you get completely ruined.

Dadi says Khurana deserves this, its imp for person to experience heart break, it brings humanity. Naina says Khurana is an animal. Dadi says he can get dangerous, he can do anything, either he will obey you or attack you. Naina says I can manage

him easily, Harjeet is not here. Ira comes home. Dadi asks what’s all this. Ira says I came to stay in my husband’s house. Naina and Dadi see her sindoor. Ira says Armaan and I got married some days ago, I came to stay here.

Khurana asks are you mad, you know Armaan is a cheap man, even then you married him, he tried to kill my child and some orphans, you married a criminal. Ira says he is not a criminal in my eyes, he is my love. Khurana says you got blind in love. Ira asks did you find logic to marry Naina, why shall I use logic. Khurana says whatever, congrats, wish you a happy married life, leave. Ira says I came to ask for my rights, husband’s house is her house, Armaan is in jail, where will I go, I will stay here. Harjeet says I wanted Ira to go there, I can just trust you two now. Sudha stays annoyed. Harjeet apologizes.

Pam asks what will happen by this drama, Ira and Armaan did not get married. Harjeet says you are so foolish, she will go there as my sight, she will tell me everything, then I will know what move to play to fail Naina, I will not let her win easily. Pam says yes, you know what happened. Sudha stops Pam and makes tea fall on her. Harjeet asks what happened. Sudha says about salon, we should go there. Pam says yes, salon offer, will Ira stay safe, will Rehaan trouble her. Harjeet says I have raised Rehaan like my real own, I will see my upbringing. Khurana says I can’t permit you to stay here. Ira asks why. He says I have no enmity with you, you go and stay with Harjeet, call her, I m sure she will let you stay with her happily.

Ira says you proved Armaan wrong, he always said you love him a lot, if you had decency, you would have not insulted me. Naina says stop it Ira, you know Rehaan is in so much pain, I will not him get hurt, you can stay here if you want. Ira thanks her. Naina says I will do your grahpravesh. Pam asks Sudha why did she make tea fall on her and made her quiet in front of Harjeet, what was I tell her, I was just saying about Raghav. Sudha says we will not tell this to Harjeet, she is a selfish woman, she has used me and thrown me out. Pam asks what do you mean. Sudha says if Harjeet knows Raghav is alive, she will try to separate Rehaan and Naina, she will make Rehaan come on her side and then Naina will come back to us, we have to find Raghav and fill his ears against Naina, Naina married his enemy. Pam says okay. Sudha says Raghav will be in our hands. Pam says I understood. She wears gloves and says none can know us in that poor area, we can spy there. Sudha says we are going to find Raghav, not clean junk.

Naina asks Ira what are you doing here. Ira says this is my house too, you did grahpravesh formality, but I know my duty, I m making first rasoi. Naina asks why are you doing this, you are putting your life at stake to take revenge, don’t take your life lightly, if Raghav was alive, he would have not seen you suffering. Ira says I don’t like you, stop saying about Raghav, I know you very well, I have come here to make your life and this house hell. Naina goes.

Sudha and Pam argue. Sudha says we don’t have to attract attention. Pam asks did Raghav get this place, I m hungry, feed me something. Sudha says kidnappers will be feeding food to Raghav from any hotel, we will go to hotels and find out. Ira serves food to Khurana. She asks Naina to have it. Naina spits the food. Khurana asks what happened, is there anything wrong. Naina says no. He says I will check. She says its not a big deal. She eats food. Khurana says I m leaving for office. He goes. Dadi gets angry and goes. Naina says you want to take revenge from me, fine, but don’t insult food. Ira says new bahu gets jewelry, I want the jewelry made by Harjeet. Naina says of course you should get it, we did not know you will come this way, jewelry is in locker, you will get till evening, thanks for lunch.

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda anagoo mar walba ka tix raacna dalabka dhanka uu u badan yahay ayaa waxaa idin soo wadnaa Musalsal cusub la magac baxay JACEYL QURBO TAGAY kaasoo hogaamiye ka ah xiddigaha laga daba dhacay waayahan ee Arjun Bijlani & Drashti Dhami




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