The Episode starts with Naina saying that girl will regret to refuse to you. He ends call. She thinks maybe someone came, I will call later. He sees Sanjana and says you here. He recalls Dadi beating him. Sanjana says it was my mistake that you had to hear all that, sorry, you are a good person, I was drunk and felt you are trying on me, we girls have sixth sense and I did that for my safety, I m really sorry, can we make a new start, friends? He thinks. She asks will you not talk to me by a single incident, I don’t want to lose a good friend.

Raghav tells Naina that she will not feel bored by Veer’s stories. They leave and reach market. Naina says you are always with Veer, I m sure you know many interesting stories related to Veer. He says a lot, are you not feeling cold. She says I m feeling much cold. They say it together and smile. He covers her with the jacket and says I m wearing much clothes even after lending jacket to you. She says I love snow.

Raghav and Naina are in market. He says I will buy oranges for her, it has vitamins. She asks how can you gift her oranges, give rose, its better than vitamins. He says rose get dry, oranges have vitamin C. She says give it to Veer, but give her a rose, she took first step, you take second step, do something for her. He asks will she like it. She says girls like small surprises than costly show off gifts, you trust me right, then give this to her. Raghav smiles and says Veer is very lucky.

Sudha is angry seeing Pam chilling around and playing on her tab. She goes and asks Pam to have apple. She says Veer is marrying Naina, she is so tacky, now no one will get good proposal, we just have Sanjana’s option now. Pam asks really. Sudha says yes, but there is no plan its tough. Pam says its not tough, I will plan. Chanchal comes to them and likes the house. They see Chanchal. Chanchal greets Dadi. Pam says she is same pregnant lady on whom Veer drove over the car, I have seen her somewhere. Chanchal talks to Dadi and says Rajeev is busy in work. Dadi asks when will he take care of you. Chanchal says yes, my baby also did not hear Rajeev’s voice since long.

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda anagoo mar walba ka tix raacna dalabka dhanka uu u badan yahay ayaa waxaa idin soo wadnaa Musalsal cusub la magac baxay JACEYL QURBO TAGAY kaasoo hogaamiye ka ah xiddigaha laga daba dhacay waayahan ee Arjun Bijlani & Drashti Dhami




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