Aanchal reaches back hospital. Reporters throng her and asks if she filed rape case against Ranvir Raichand, if she is doing it for publicity. Aanchal applies makeup and lipstick and says if they think she is doing it for publicity, then should look good. She says a girl is raped and she is in trauma and she is fighting for her against Ranvir. Reporters say they want to meet rape victim. Aanchal confronts if they want victim to go through same trauma, they are equal to Ranvir. She continues yelling and walks into hospital. She enters Meenu’s room and gets angry seeing Kabir and shouts at him to get out. Kabir says he is Raichand, even then he stooped so low to meet Meenu and find out truth. She closes door and breaks medicine bottles and vase and alleges Kabir that he tried to frightened victim. Kabir says she lies so easily. Inspector walks in and says Meenu’s rape is confirmed, but Ranvir does not have even a single injury which proves Meenu was forced. Kabir says because Aanchal forced to create a false case against Ranvir for publicity. Aanchal says he is frightening now. He says he has not started yet at all, and once he starts, she will be no where. She says she likes taking risks. Kabir leaves.


Aanchal speeds her car asking to wait till she comes. She meets injured girl who was thrown out of car and asks who did it. Kabir is seen returning home with Ranbir and attending yagna. Aanchal reaches with police and calls Mr. Raichand. Everyone stand up. Aanchal says after burning someone’s life, he will not get peace. Kavita asks who is she. Aanchal says it is not important and asks if she knows Meenu Mudgal. Ranvir says Meena is his private secretary since 2 years and asks what happened to her. Aanchal says Meenu is raped and is suffering in govt hospital. Kavita asks assistant to shift Meenu to private hospital and call police. Aanchal says Meenu has given statement and culprit is present here. Inspector says Mr. Raichand is arrested in Meenu’s rape case. Aanchal says Mr. Ranvir Raichand. Everyone are shocked. Babji asks inspector if he knows what he is telling. Inspector says Meenu took Ranvir’s name and he has to come along to police station. Kavita says he will not go as he is Raichand. Aanchal says he is a rapist. Kabir warns dare not to touch his elder brother, he will break their hands. Ranvir stops Kabir. Kabir says how dare she is to come in front of them. Aanchal says law. Kabir says he has seen many court cases and orders. Aanchal says whoever breaks orders will be arrested. Ranvir asks inspector to arrest him as truth gives confidence and he is confident on his truth, let us see how much she is confident about herself. He asks if he wants to be handcuffed. Inspector says he is acting on complaint. Kabir reacts. Ranvir stops him and says let law do its job. Kabir says he will do his job before law and will not let his brother in jail long. Kavita asks Ranvir not to be too good that people misuse it. Ranvir says let someone benefit from him, not to worry everything will be alright. Babji calls senior lawyer Shyam Chunchlani. Kavita warns Aanchal it is 12:10 now and she will be in trouble the time Ranvir spends in jail, world saw Raichand’s love and cannot dare anger. Aanchal says he likes seeing new things, whenever she wants, she can meet her, says inspector let us go. Aanchal walks with inspector, lawyer, and Ranvir. Ranvir’s staff chant Ranvir is their dharmatma.Aanchal gets into car hiding from reporters. A man calls her and says not even a single mark was found on Ranvir, if she wants to know truth, she should come to docks. She reaches docks. Someone kidnaps her.



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