Devi says my heart says Arohi will be loyal to me. Arohi says you never know what you get in love.Arohi collides with Dev. He holds her. He says two meetings in one day. Our stars are colliding. Arohi’s friend tries to get her ready. She says please go on date. Aroshi says no. Laksh is being asked questions from media. he says Salman is shooting nearby the media runs there.
Laksh comes to hotel. They ask employees. Laksh says none of them is the killer. A waiter sharma tells his friend that he saw a weird girl going towards that room. His friend says please tell them. He says no I am scared of all this. I won’t go. Laksh says there is ring mark. Someone took her ring.

Arohi says please go he is very rich. Ridhi comes and says who? Tell me please. Arohi says to Nairi I won’t go there. I have to go somewhere else. She sees tome and says its late I have to go there.Dev comes to that date spot. A car comes with a driver to Arohi’s house. He says Dev raichand has sent this. Ridhi says that tycoon? Arohii will come for sure. She asks her to go. Arohi sits in the car. Dev is waiting for arohi. Sharma comes and hides in a small shop. Arohi comes there and throttles him to faint. She ties him there. He wakes up and says please let me go. She takes out her knife and stabs him. She leaves.

It gets late at night. Arohi is walking. Devi comes there. He says walking in rain doesn’t wash sins. She says sins? He says not coming on dates is sin no? She says I know you are from a good family. I am not that girl. Its a mistake. He says i would do it anyway. She goes from there. Laksh and his team come to the death body of Sharma.
Arohi comes home. Ridhi is super nice to her. She says how was your date?
News tells about the new murder. Aroshi turns off the TV. She says these news are so harsh.A mod girl comes to a hotel suite. There is another girl there who is drinking and enjoying music. The other girl injects something in her and she faints. She ropes her and tapes her mouth. She takes off her coat. The other girl is tied to the wall. She opens her eyes and is scared. She says who are you? The kidnapper says pretty face but ugly gazed. She twists her finger. She says the ring you were wearing you were fooling him. You don’t deserve this. She takes off her ring. The girl says how do you know all this? The kidnapper says I know everything. THe girl says please let me go. I won’t cheat again. Please let me go. She takes out her knife. The girl says please let me go. The kidnapper puts knife on her lips and says its a crime to cheat on husband. Its a sin. For this sin you should be punished. ANd punishment is death. She stabs her neck and there is blood everywhere. The kidnapper says blood.. I hate blood. I have to take shower.

Arohi opens her radio. She hears about a serial killed killing different women. A girl is in car. She is scared that a man is following her. She says is that the same serial killer? She drives fast but has to stop her car. There is a guy in the car. He stops his car in front of hers. The girl tries to get out of her car and run. She says please leave me. THe guy shuts her back, but there is a man inside. That man attacks this boy. He hits him. Another car comes there. The girl says who is this? Whaat was he doing in my car. The man says I saw him getting in your car. She says thanks a lot for saving my life. Are you famous tycoon Dev Raichand? can I take a selfie. He says I charge 1 crore for one selfie. My man will help you get this man arrested and go from here. He leaves. At night, in dark attire arohi puts ring on a knife and says another lover died. Devi says my heart says Arohi will be loyal to me. Arohi says you never know what you get in love.Arohi collides with Dev. He holds her. He says two meetings in one day. Our stars are colliding. A girl says to dev you hosted this party to introduce her. dev says thanks for coming. I don’t know why your friend brought you here.

Arohi looks for nairi. Dev says looking for something? he gives her watch back to her. he says one dance please? She says no. Arohi says to Nairi how dare you bring me to his party. She sees police outside and goes back inisde. She tries to hide. She collides with Dev? He says are you okay? you look worried. Lets dance. He gives her mask and says lets dance. She takes it. A woman says to Laksh would you dance with me?

Sida aad ugu barateen Shirkadda Tarjunta Aflaamta kala duwan & musalsalada ee Fanproj Productions & Entertainment musalsalada xulka eh ee ka yimaada shacab weynaha Somaliyeed dalabaadkooda, Musalsalkan la magac baxay  GODOB CAASHAQ  Waxaa idiinku  tala galeen daawashadiisa MOGADISHU CABLE TV waxaana idiin fududeeyay Fanproj Media Productions qeybtiisa musalsalada ee



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