Doctor suggests a pregnancy test for Aaliya. The whole family bursts into excitement. Even before the blood test is done, everyone insists on celebrating and sharing sweets. The juniors start teasing Zain and Aaliya. They even start predicting the gender of the child. Zain and Aaliya feel utterly confused, as they know that they have just become friends only and there is no chance of pregnancy. After others leave the room, Zain and Aaliya burst on each other as they feel helpless. Zain insists on exposing the truth. Aaliya declines to break the hearts of their parents, after they have seen so much of crisis. Zain pulls Aaliya’s leg saying that she might have come close to him when he was intoxicated, on the day of Holi. Aaliya beats him with a pillow. When the lab assistant comes to take Aaliya’s blood, Zain becomes caring for her. He asks whether the needle is new or not. The elders enjoy this. Only Shazia and Nafisa feel troubled, as they wanted that Zain would never accept Aaliya. They pretend to be happy in front of Fahad. Barkat brings a tabiz for Aaliya. Shabana insists that the news should not be exposed until the fifth moth of pregnancy, to avoid ill omens. Everyone feels embarrassed as Fahad’s children ask how a baby comes to the world. Fahad distracts them asking whether they would love the baby. The lady from the lab says that the report would be prepared within evening.

“AXDI IYO AMAR WAALID” Waa Musalsal cusub oo Af Somali ah taasoo xambaarsan sheeko Family ah Murugo & sheeko aad marnaba ka xiisi doonin kaana ilmeysiin doono.
Waxaad daawan doontaan maalmaha kala ah Isniin, Talaado, Arboco, Khamiis  & Jumco.

Musalsalkan waxaa idin tarjumeen shirkaddiina ee aad wada jecleedeen Fanproj Productions & Entertainment ltd.
Wuxuuna webka ka bilowday 02/05/2016


  • Preetika Rao as Aliya Ghulam Haider / Aliya Zain Abdullah
  • Harshad Arora as Zain Osman Abdullah / Rocket Fernandez
  • Suchitra Pillai as Surraiya Osman abdullah
  • Naved Aslam as Osman Abdullah
  • Vivek Madan as Fahad Osman Abdullah
  • Gunjan Vijaya as Nafeesa Fahad Abdullah
  • Namrata Pathak as Shazia Fahad Abdullah
  • Rituraj Singh as Ghulam Haider Khan
  • Riva Bubber as Shabana Ghulam Haider
  • Vikas Grover as Rizwan Malik
  • Shivangi Joshi as Aayat Ghulam Haider / Aayat Rizwan Malik
  • Nandish Sandhu as Rehaan Habeeb Khan
  • Raju Kher as “Grumpy” Dr Habeeb khan
  • Imran Khan as Rahim Chacha


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