Everyone in the mosque get angry on Aaliya and Zain. Rehaan comes to Aaliya and Zain’s rescue. He says if they want, they can marry under legal laws, and no one can stop them, but they are not marrying as they don’t want to go out of religion, it means they love their religion and respect it. Qazi sahib says we have seen their love and respect, Aaliya can’t remarry Zain again. What will we do now? Will they do Gunaah or Haraam, they will say remove the Halaal, everyone will raise questions and ask is this required or not. Aaliya says my question is of a Muslim, of a woman, how can I give my love to some strange man, who is Shairiyat to decide this for a woman. Aaliya holds Zain’s hand and everyone look at them. Rehaan supports her. Qazi Sahib leaves. Zain says I won’t let Aaliya’s Nikaah happen with someone else, her question is not wrong. The people get angry and Rehaan stops them. People then try to separate zain and Aaliya. Shabana asks Rehan to take Aaliya from there. People separate Zain and Aaliya with great difficulty. Rehan takes Aaliya with him and Rahman takes Zain. Zain runs towards Aaliya’s car. Rehan says it is not the right time and to go from there.

Aaliya runs out of car and hugs him. Zain says we will be remarry and if need be, we will change our religion. Aaliya says we will not change our religion and will do what god and our parents say and tries to part ways with him, but he holds her hand. She says Aaliya is only his till her last breath and it is her promise. She leaves with her parents. Zain then apologizes Allah for thinking of changing religion and asks to forgive him, says until Aaliya is there, he will believe in Allah. Rahman asks Zain to come home.

Fahad informs Surayya and other family members that Zain does not want to come home and has bought a house near Aaliya’s house. Nafisa thinks she cannot tell Surayya her truth, but she will get back Zain. She says Surayya that she will get back Zain. Zarina says he will not come back and suggests to wait until Zain’s love fever gets down. Shaziya says aunty is telling right.

Bilal says Zarina that Zain and Aaliya’s love is increasing day by day, what shall we do. Zarina says it is fire and one side it is Zain/Aaliya and Qazi sahib on the other side. Bilal asks which side they are. Zarina says we will be on winner’s side and will burn the loser. Shaziya comes and asks whom she wants to burn. Zarina gets irked seeing her and says she is talking about Qazi sahib’s words for Zain and says we all will burn if Zain marries Aaliya without halala nikah. Shaziya says she has to give medicine to her son and leaves. Bilal starts staring at her. Zarina asks him to stop staring her. Religious group people who were in mosque meet Zarina and she asks them to control Zain. They angrily leave from there.

Zain calls Aaliya and says he has bought their new house’s items. Group of people call his name. He says yes. They then start beating him and say their mom is worried about him and he is being a girl and asks him to go and serve his mom. Rahman comes there and group runs from there. He sees Zain’s head bleeding and tries to wake him up, but he falls unconscious.

“AXDI IYO AMAR WAALID” Waa Musalsal cusub oo Af Somali ah taasoo xambaarsan sheeko Family ah Murugo & sheeko aad marnaba ka xiisi doonin kaana ilmeysiin doono.
Waxaad daawan doontaan maalmaha kala ah Isniin, Talaado, Arboco, Khamiis  & Jumco.

Musalsalkan waxaa idin tarjumeen shirkaddiina ee aad wada jecleedeen Fanproj Productions & Entertainment ltd.
Wuxuuna webka ka bilowday 02/05/2016


  • Preetika Rao as Aliya Ghulam Haider / Aliya Zain Abdullah
  • Harshad Arora as Zain Osman Abdullah / Rocket Fernandez
  • Suchitra Pillai as Surraiya Osman abdullah
  • Naved Aslam as Osman Abdullah
  • Vivek Madan as Fahad Osman Abdullah
  • Gunjan Vijaya as Nafeesa Fahad Abdullah
  • Namrata Pathak as Shazia Fahad Abdullah
  • Rituraj Singh as Ghulam Haider Khan
  • Riva Bubber as Shabana Ghulam Haider
  • Vikas Grover as Rizwan Malik
  • Shivangi Joshi as Aayat Ghulam Haider / Aayat Rizwan Malik
  • Nandish Sandhu as Rehaan Habeeb Khan
  • Raju Kher as “Grumpy” Dr Habeeb khan
  • Imran Khan as Rahim Chacha


  1. It seems we somalis practice islam better than indian Muslims. They make a lot of mistakes like when aaliya says she will leave the religion if she isn’t allowed to marry zein. She is taking the laws of islam lightly.

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