Zarina asks Aaliya not to pester her again and to leave from there. Aaliya sees Surayya hearing their conversation and tries to speak. Surayya says it is her family’s issue and asks her to leave. She then scolds Zarina for telling lie that Rahman was torturing her and she came to live with her. Zarina tries to intervene. Surayya says she would have kicked her out if she would not have taken care of her and gives her one more chance, says she will look after her finances from now on. Zarina gets tensed hearing that and starts her drama, says she believes Aaliya than her own sister. Surayya asks her to control herself. Zarina says she did not do any fraud. Surayya says she knows her well and knows she can go to any extent for her benefit. Zarina says she was trying to become a better person and takes oath on her that she will become a better person. Surayya says even she wants that and asks her not to lie again. Zarina agrees and leaves. Zarina thinks she will pay Surayya by revealing her secret in front of whole world, thinks Aaliya did not do right by revealing her secret and will pay for it.

Bilal asks Zarina what to do now that Surayya knows our secret. She asks him to stop cribbing and to brainwash Fahad instead. Bilal asks Fahad why did Surayya tear Zain’s property share papers. Fahad says he is not interested in Zain’s property. Zarina says she is proud of him and says once they reach Mumbai, they can sort out everything. Fahad says they have invested a huge sum in dhaba land and does not know what to do. Zarina asks him to let her handle it, else Zain will get irked if he interferes. He asks what she will do. She says there is someone in Hyderabad who will do their work and needs 50 lakhs. Fahad says he will arrange money and asks Bilal to collect money. Zarina and Bilal smirk and leave from there.

Zain works hard on the barbeque, burning his hands.. Aaliya in her home looks at her and Zain’s pics and cries. She looks at his love notes and reminisces Zain writing them for her. Notes fall on the ground due to wind blow and she collects them back. Aaliya calls dhaba, but before Zain picks phone, she cuts call. He picks second time before she cuts and asks if she will not tell anything, says he knows her very well and says she looks beautiful smiling, says he will tell her a story which Usman used to tell. He tells her about the princess story who does not smile and a common man who is a cook makes her smile. He then says princess accepted cook as her husband and waited for her, but he did not return. She asks why did not he return. He says cook used to wait for her outside palace gate. Once princess knew about him waiting, she asked him to come and take her with him. He said once she is ready, to break all the rules and come out of palace. He then tells another story and goes to sleep, even Aaliya sleeps. He then wakes up in the morning and sees his phone still on and greets Aaliya good morning.

Zarina sees Bilal still asleep and asks him to wake up and set ablaze Aaliya’s dhaba. He says he will in the morning. She says bad things are done at night.
Aaliya sees off Rehan’s family as they are going back to Mumbai. Habeeb blesses her and asks her to come back soon. Aaliya then tries to thank Rehan. He asks her not to thank says he did not talk about his wife Rid till now and starts telling her how much he misses her and wants to meet her, but cannot looking at his children. He says he does not want to see even his enemy go through his pain and says she should be happy that life is giving he second chance and even Zain is eager to be with her, asks her to rethink again. She wishes him Allah Hafiz. He smiles and leaves in car.

Bilal enters dhaba, sees Zain sleeping, pours petrol around dhaba and sets fire. Zain wakes up and sees fire all around. Sarju calls Aaliya and informs about Dhaba catching fire and Zain being trapped in it. Zain chokes and falls unconscious.

“AXDI IYO AMAR WAALID” Waa Musalsal cusub oo Af Somali ah taasoo xambaarsan sheeko Family ah Murugo & sheeko aad marnaba ka xiisi doonin kaana ilmeysiin doono.
Waxaad daawan doontaan maalmaha kala ah Isniin, Talaado, Arboco, Khamiis  & Jumco.

Musalsalkan waxaa idin tarjumeen shirkaddiina ee aad wada jecleedeen Fanproj Productions & Entertainment ltd.
Wuxuuna webka ka bilowday 02/05/2016


  • Preetika Rao as Aliya Ghulam Haider / Aliya Zain Abdullah
  • Harshad Arora as Zain Osman Abdullah / Rocket Fernandez
  • Suchitra Pillai as Surraiya Osman abdullah
  • Naved Aslam as Osman Abdullah
  • Vivek Madan as Fahad Osman Abdullah
  • Gunjan Vijaya as Nafeesa Fahad Abdullah
  • Namrata Pathak as Shazia Fahad Abdullah
  • Rituraj Singh as Ghulam Haider Khan
  • Riva Bubber as Shabana Ghulam Haider
  • Vikas Grover as Rizwan Malik
  • Shivangi Joshi as Aayat Ghulam Haider / Aayat Rizwan Malik
  • Nandish Sandhu as Rehaan Habeeb Khan
  • Raju Kher as “Grumpy” Dr Habeeb khan
  • Imran Khan as Rahim Chacha



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