Abeer tells his friends that the girl fell in the pond. Just then he sees Amla coming out of pond and tries to see her face. Yuvaan says I have aimed her, but not hit her and she fell down. They laugh. Suveer says she is hot and exotic beauty. They say that village girls have different charm. They sing a song ek ladki anjani si. Yuvaan asks shall I come to help you. Amla turns and looks at him. Abeer smiles looking at her. Music plays..Amla picks something to throw on them, but Abeer drives the jeep and they leave.

Dev waits for Amla and says I will bring her. Mando says she is a trouble. Amla comes home. Mannu says Bua have come. Mando asks why didn’t you call us, and came home in this condition. She covers her with her shawl and takes her inside.

Yuvaan tells Surveen that his life is over after he gets married. Surveen says there is no such rules for him. Yuvaan says he will tell Mahi. Darshan and Divya come there. Raunaq says we were waiting for you. Darshan says you might be waiting for samdhis and we came. Mahi comes there with his father Malik and mum. They greet each other. Mahi’s greets Reshaan. Surveen greets his father in law. Malik says Mahi was restless to meet him. She kisses on his cheeks and hugs him. Yuvaan says hello to Malik. Reshaan asks him to touch his feet and take his blessings. Yuvaan takes his blessing hesitantly.

Amla tells Dev that she fell in the pond and mannerless guys were laughing on her. Dev says I would have killed them and says he didn’t come with her because of Mando. He asks her to keep two clothes with her and says don’t know who have seen you with bad eyes. Amla laughs and says I will not drenched or fall in pond daily. She says that guys are mannerless and would have tease any other girl also. Dev says I am talking about you. He hits his hand on the bamboo. Amla says she is feeling pain in her hand. Dev kisses her hand and says everything will be fine once we marry, you don’t need to work after that.

Reshaan shows the place to Malik and says they will make new hotel here. Karuna is there and hears him planning the hotel, etc….there. He sees Karuna and greets her. Karuna greets him. Reshaan introduces her to Malik and tells that she collects roots to treat her patients. Karuna says Reshaan ji don’t like my work or dharmshala people. Reshaan says I have no interest in your business. Karuna says your interest is in this land and says govt have given me this land and you wants to make hotel on it. She asks him to do business in Mumbai and let them leave on their own. She asks Malik if he don’t care about nature. Malik says we can’t make any developments hurting the nature, and says we need people like you. He says your hotel can’t be made on this place. Reshaan says he was talking about some other place. Karuna says I want to save the nature and is habitual to open and fresh air.

Abeer comes to meet his friends. Viraj hugs him and introduces him to Mahi. Mahi says childhood friends are so special. Yuvaan thinks about Reshaan insulting him politely. He looks angrily at Reshaan and goes to him, asking why do you humiliate me and try my block my way to becoming major shareholder. He says you are trying to dominate me like you have dominated your brother. He says I am my dad’s son, but fortunately not like him. Reshaan asks him to become like Raunaq for his betterment. Hema asks Raunaq to tell something and end the cold war between Reshaan and Yuvaan.

Raunaq says what shall I say? Yuvaan says you stand with folded hands and gets humiliated. Hema tries to make him calm down and tells that Suveer is your brother. Reshaan’s brother in law talks to Bhai Saheb and tells against Reshaan. Hema asks him not to overreact and attend the function. Yuvaan says you keep quiet may be you are scared, but I am not. Reshaan’s brother in law tells him that Yuvaan may make him baagi. Reshaan comes to Bhai Saheb. Bhai Saheb excuses himself. Mahi asks Suveer to whom he was talking to. Suveer says he was talking to someone. Mahi asks if his ex girl friend came back. Suveer says I love you and says why I would have married you if I was interested in someone else. Mahi hugs him. Yuvaan asks Suveer to talk to Rima and finish her chapter, says she is calling me repeatedly. Mahi asks who is calling him. Yuvaan says she was not calling specifically. Malik asks who is Rima? Everyone get tensed.

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